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The Swick Taylorcraft

The Swick Taylorcraft

Radical modification of the venerable Taylorcraft has made it a very competitive aerobatic airplane. Amaze your friends with the agility of this 1/4-scale beauty.

Contrary to what many of you may think, this is not just another Taylorcraft. This version is 1/4 scale and represents the famous planes built by Mike Swick at the Aero County Airport just north of Dallas, TX. Mike starts with an old stock Taylorcraft airframe and completely rebuilds it to better-than-new standards. The control surfaces are modified, and angles are changed to optimize aerobatic performance. The wings are completely dismantled and rebuilt to the new shorter span with metal spars, fiberglass wingtips and much stronger bracing. Ailerons are counterbalanced and incorporate boost tabs for better control response and feel. It uses Pitts pants on the main gear to reduce drag and look good.

To read more, click the link to open the PDF: The Swick Taylorcraft X0695A Const (2)

Updated: July 3, 2014 — 10:37 AM

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