Thunder Tiger Yak-54 TOC Performance Series

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Our airplanes are built by craftsmen from the best quality balsa and plywood available. Careful consideration of each component material insures light weight structures that are strong enough to stand-up to the most extreme 3D maneuvers.

Each and every airplane is hand built to the highest quality standards. Utilizing proven interlocking building techniques combine with light rigid structures provide great flying airplanes. Components are built in jigs to ensure warp free surfaces such as fuselage, wings, and stabilizers. Proven competition designs for extreme 3D flight are the essence of the Thunder Tiger TOC airplane series. Ace Hobby Distributors, Inc. is proud to be the exclusive distributors of Thunder Tiger TOC Series Airplanes in North America. We are committed to providing quality, service, and value. Contact your local dealer and or Ace Hobby Distributors today for your next 3D/IMAC airplane.

Product No. TTR4630 – * MSRP: $ 599.99
Description: Yak-54 87″ Engine: 50cc
Product No. TTR4631 – * MSRP: $ 751.99
Description: Yak-54 95″ Engine: 75~85cc

Product No. TTR4632 – * MSRP: $ 1,009.99
Description: Yak-54 107″ Engine: 100cc

Product No. TTR4633 – * MSRP: $ 1,314.99
Description: Yak-54 121″ Engine: 150cc

Product No. TTR4634 – * MSRP: $ 1,361.99
Description: Yak-54 129″ Engine: 150~210cc

Updated: October 16, 2008 — 10:00 AM
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