1. Beautiful job, a bit low for any straffing though

  2. I don’t see how this model can possibly be “1/4” scale, look at the size of the pilot in the plane compared to the full size human RC pilot. If quadrupled (x4) the claimed scale model pilot, would only be maybe 4 feet tall! Sorry, I don’t buy it, this looks more like a 1/6th scale plane. I have a friend from Tucson that flies a 1/6th scale P51 and it’s still a bit bigger then this plane. Also his rolls are pretty sloppy, not even close to axial losing a lot of altitude; the modeler need to work on his elevator/rudder control. Pretty plane though and the sound of a inline twin engine it wonderful.

    1. They are called barrel rolls!

    2. Looking at the pilot is not how you measure the scale, this planes wingspan is 10 feet five inches, multiplied by 4
      = 41 feet 8 inches.

    3. It wasn’t a Pattern Contest. Warbirds do not do AMA style Axial Rolls. They do Barrel Rolls. That particular Barrel Roll is a maneuver to purposely change his flight track without changing his heading. In this case, he was doing a close-in pass and used it to give him more space to do a wide left turn back down the runway. You should try it sometime. It’s a fun maneuver to do.

  3. Keith B. 1/4 or 1/6 scale? Sloppy? yah yah yah, your splitting hairs! Whatever?

  4. Beautiful Tempest then came the Typhoon

  5. It does like about 1/4 scale, pilot is same size as my 1/4 scale neiuport. That said the canopy is far to big/ high and the wheels are too small. Does look good. I wonder if he’s flying in a strong cross wind, hopefully he is otherwise it’s severely out of trim on the rudder.

    1. Check the baner and wind sock at the beginning. 90 degree crosswind.

      Nice job flying!

  6. I’ll bet there were grass stains on the tips of the prop!

  7. Nice plane, good flying. I particulary like the roll, which was a real WW2 fighter aircraft roll, not a model aircraft roll…

  8. A gorgeous model and a nice tribute to the original aircraft. Wonderful sound from that in-line engine as well

  9. If the wingspan is 125 in., as stated, then it is 1/4 scale because the Tempest’s WS was 41 feet. Maybe the pilot figure is a little small.

  10. Just because the pilot dimensions are off does not make the the 1/4 scale , 1/6th , actual aircraft had 38′ wing span. No 60 ‘ wingspan WWII fighters ever existed.

  11. As usual Horst videography is top notch. The model is great and was flon very scale. The maneuvers were very much like full scale. Very, very nice.

  12. Isn’t it strange how there critics are always at the ready we can’t all be perfect. s long as the owner is happy with it, to hell with the critics

  13. Wow great job I would not want the credit card bill but what ever the cost was worth seeing and hearing.

  14. Oh my god really , can’t you just be happy for someone , the man did a very nice job , ok let’s see yours

  15. Some of the statements remind me of the guy who questioned my 16′ metal covered B-29…..When I asked how he did his, he just walked away!…….Them that can do…Them that can’t………………criticize…………….

  16. Nice flying,and beautiful plane.

  17. Great plane! I’ve only got a foamy of the same or should I say similar looking plane? First plane that I ever purchased & it came from Dynam to me already screwed up. Can’t seem to put the propeller on it cause the propeller shaft is about a quarter inch to short. In the instruction sheet that came with plane Dynam says that they check every plane before it leaves their factory. They should hire a person to watch the person that does the quality control? lol I think that the video on this page shows a very beautiful plane that looks & sounds fantastic & makes a lot of folks wishing that they had one. Where can I get a plane like this?

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