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Half-Scale RC Tiger Moth

Half-Scale RC Tiger Moth

So you think you have trouble transporting your aircraft to the field? Take a look at this 1/2-scale RC Tiger Moth! The 127.8-pound model is done up in French WW I Armée de L’air colors, it has impressive performance in the air. Thanks to RC Media World who filmed this at the Ragow Air Meet in Germany last month. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any information on the plane or the pilot, so if you have details please share in the comments!

Venom Fly 600x120
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  1. Way too cool. Great plane!

  2. Take off and landing so scale—amazing job all the way around

  3. Look and flys great WERE is the pilot (jump out with horror)
    Great model well done

  4. Fantastic looking airoplane. and the flight is very relistic but my only gripe is that if this aircraft is representing the French Armee de L`air why does it have British roundels? By the way a pilot in the back seat would make this plane look like the real thing.

  5. The ‘OY’ is a European Civil registration suffix so that will enable you to help track down more infomation – I cannt remenber if it is Danish or Dutch – the former I believe ?

  6. https://www.dr.dk/tv/se/kyst-til-kyst/danmark-kyst-til-kyst-iii/kyst-til-kyst-iii-vadehavet-8-8
    This link is from a danish tv-show, where the original plane can be seen, it is in Danish civil registration and the color scheme is RAF trainer around 1940/41.

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