Half-Scale RC Tiger Moth

Half-Scale RC Tiger Moth

So you think you have trouble transporting your aircraft to the field? Take a look at this 1/2-scale RC Tiger Moth! The 127.8-pound model is done up in French WW I Armée de L’air colors, it has impressive performance in the air. Thanks to RC Media World who filmed this at the Ragow Air Meet in Germany last month. Unfortunately we couldn’t find any information on the plane or the pilot, so if you have details please share in the comments!


  1. NO PILOT FIGURE! Zero scale points from me. haha. Beautiful aircraft. Those europeans seem to have a lot of time and money on their hands but I admire their work. Nothing flies better than a Tiger Moth!

  2. Martin Gronnert (two dots above the O) is the pilot’s name.

  3. I have flown many Tigers and can assure you Nothing flies better than a Bucker!

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