Tight Props for E-Pilots

Tight Props for E-Pilots

Here is a little tip for electric modelers. Often propellers will come loose and possibly come off the motor shaft, which nobody wants to see happen.  Simply apply a little oil or grease to the threads of the collet-style prop adapter. This will reduce thread friction and increase the clamping affect of the collet as it grips the motor shaft. Increase tightness means no more loose propellers to ruin your day at the flying field.

Submitted by Kevin Siemonsen, New Fairfield, CT.

Updated: March 5, 2019 — 8:50 AM


  1. Don’t quite agree was this tip. Oil is designed to “loosen” friction between metal parts. Better alternative would be Loctite or similar brand. Just use a tiny drop on the prop shaft.

  2. Never apply thread locking compound to the threads, it makes getting the prop off virtually impossible (from experience).

  3. I agree that getting a prop off after thread locking can be an issue. I have had to cut some off that were not even thread locked. Once they are locked, even with a puller, it can be a challenge. Personally, I would skip thread locking. But, adding a lubricant to the ID of a typical collet does make them come apart when removing them easier as long as one did not previously gall the threads. I have tried anti seize too. But, if one uses anti seize or other lube on the threads, then one does not need to tighten as much to get the same effect. The threads can get easy to gall or even strip with lube on the threads. Many manufacturers recommend about 25% less torque on the nut when the threads are lubed.

  4. Personally I do not use either. I just made a suggestion. Just make sure the collet is tight. Never had a loosening issue.

  5. Is it not good practice to safety check tightness on all aspects of model before flight. I always do.

  6. I would use purple thread locker, which is the weakest. Should not be a struggle getting it off.
    More of a struggle getting it tightened when rest of motor is under a cowl and you can’t get a grip on motor.

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