Titanic Triplane

Titanic Triplane

RC Fokker Dr. 1 models don’t get much bigger than this! Expertly flown by world-champion pilot Gernot Bruckmann, this 14.5-foot-span aircraft has a seven-cylinder, 820cc Wallach engine in its nose and weighs in at 194 pounds, giving it the title of “World’s Largest RC Triplane.” What do you think Herr Von Richthofen would say about this one? Thanks to RCtothefreak for taking this video at the Modellbaumesse Lindinger airshow.







Updated: March 31, 2016 — 11:35 AM


  1. Where’s the FAA when you need them? This plane shouldn’t fly without qualified inspection – first part of the covering starts to come off, what next…? Can you imagine the injuries that could occur if this 200 pound beast went into a crowd of spectators? Better idea – build it a little bit bigger, get your pilot’s license, and get away from RC fields. At least that’s one opinion.

  2. That’s almost full size I would think

  3. Baron Manfred von Richthofen would be proud!
    But….. don’t try any of that kind of fun stuff in the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.” where the red tape of the AMA and FCC can drain the fun out of a roller coaster.

  4. Wonder what it costs to build something like this. I also bet that shed collects a lot of airplanes.

  5. I know a coworker that could ride in that!

  6. howdy : gemot is also an expert indoor 3-d flyer. truely entertaining 😀 God bless

  7. Very nice video! But Which is larger, a 16ft or 14.5ft wing span DR-1?

    Check out video for Bill Hempel’s 16ft wingspan DR-1
    Available as a ARF, Bill Hempel, good old USA since 2012.


    However, Bruckmanns DR1 actually has wing span of 4.8 meters (by 2 sources) which is 15.8ft a lot more like it!
    Someone converted wrong and no one double checked, a meter is more than 3ft, closer to 3.3ft.
    Unless Bruckmanns DR1 is actually only 4.4M wingspan.

    My guess, they are probably built to the same scale. It’s one of, but not the largest, RC DR-1.

    Certainly Gernot has a more scale like engine, but heavier, fantastic Demo and sound!

    But this does beg the question, why not build a little larger and fly in it yourself.



  8. I was there, and it was fantastic!

  9. Nice footage of Bill Hempel’s 16 ft WS DR1 at 2014 Joe Nall. Note the nice scale touch, axe handle wing tip skids.


    Sorry, I have too much free time….


  10. To Jim Weigley.
    Thanks for the link.
    Can you imagine what it must have cost him to just ship that monster?

  11. Good Grief, Snoopy. 14.5 feet span. The full size DR.1 was only 23 feet 7 inches…

  12. That is just incredible, and very nicely done; both the model, and the frying of it! Again WOW!
    And thanks Debra, for sharing that with us. Really cool!

  13. Very nicely built and flown. However if one is going to build something that large one might as well go the distance and build a full size version. The size of model aircraft are getting out of hand now.


  15. Love the sound of that 7 cylinder engine! Please give me a button to cut off the voice to be able to hear the plane only. Great flying show.

  16. Impressive, but too bad the finish wasn’t more realistic. Glossy Fokker Red Monocote just doesn’t fly.

  17. Congratulations!!! amazon model and very, very very good pilot!!

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