TME Xtrema Charger with Computer Data Cable

TME Xtrema Charger with Computer Data Cable

Today, Tejera Microsystems Engineering, Inc.

(TME), a leading innovator and manufacturer

of RC accessories, announced the release of

their Xtrema Balancer with Computer Data

Cable (model XTR-BALUSB ). TME has

combined their very popular and versatile

Lithium Balancer with their USB computer data

cable valued at separately at $64.90 at the

bundled price of only $45.99 through dealers


This bundle provides the user a variety of ways

of maintaining and testing the health of their

lithium battery packs ultimately saving them

money. The balancer by itself is very capable

providing LiFe or Lipo balancing by simply

changing a jumper. Of course the most unique

feature of the balancer is its three modes of operation; Stand Alone, PC

Controlled and Integrated with the Xtrema xG Balance Charging System.

The data cable allows PC Control allowing you to monitor individual cell

voltages, graph, run tests, and customizes your balancer for custom minimum and

maximum voltages via a PC. There is even a 100KHz I2C interface for engineers,

experimenters and OEM applications.(Contact TME for more information, )

TME’s part number for the Xtrema Balancer with Computer Data Cable is XTRBALUSB.

It will sell for $45.99 and be available in fine Hobby Shops nationwide.

The bundle may also be ordered directly on their web site

Updated: April 13, 2011 — 9:17 AM
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