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Toledo Show Winners and Special Awards

Toledo Show Winners and Special Awards

The planes and models on display were again the stars of the show at the 58th annual Hobby show in Toledo, OH. And would you believe an RC Dragon won Best in Show? Must have been that “Scale” paint job that did it! That, or the incredible craftsmanship and quality of the over-all project… Anyway, here’s the rest of the winners from the show. All the models look amazing!

Aerobatic Planes

1.            C-ARF Extra 260                                John Bradley

2.            Hangar 9 Beast                  David Payne

3.            Carden Pro                         Byron Striker

Best Finish (Film)

                Flying King                           Rick Arrowood                 

Best of Show

                RC Dragon                           Rick Hamel

Designer Scale Plane

1.            1937 Culver Dart               Paul Weigand

2.            Halberstadt CL-2               Robert Caso

3.            Ryan Fireball FR-1            Hal Parenti


1.            Rotormaster CV-22B       Larry Chapman

2.            AH-1Z Huey Cobra           John Russman

3.            FL-282 Hummingbird      Dan Winklman

Jet Plane

1.            CT-114 Tutor                      Roy Maynard

2.            MiG-15 BIS                          Rick Boyer

3.            BVM MiG-15 BIS               Scott Miller

Military Sport Scale

1.            F4U Corsair                         Gary Price

2.            DHC-1 Chipmunk              Michael Plot      

3.            Fokker D-VII                       Paul Westrich

Non Military Sport Scale

1.            Ryan STA Special                              Rick Boyer

2.            Lopresti Fury                                      Dennis Sumner

3.            SM55X Savoia Marchetti               Allen Mrock

Old-Timer RC

1.            Westerner                          Robert Bienestein

2.            Nemith Hi-Tri-Wing         Larry Latowski

3.            Bunch Scor                          Dave Frantz

RC Sailplane

1.            GO-3 Minimoa                  ZB Blama

2.            Thermic                                Dick Thompson

3.            Aquila grand                       Jerry Sharp

Sport Plane

1.            Dragon                                 Rick Hamel

2.            Strato B                                                Kenneth Barnes

3.            Pepsi Chipmunk                               Bob Schreel

Vintage Plane

1.            deBolt Yankee   Bob Noll

2.            Penetrator          Chuck Winchester

3.            R/C Guff              Charles Chomos

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  1. I want to see the Dragon fly.

  2. Gerry It would be nice to see the plane I won 2nd place with with the rest of the competitors. If you forgot it was the De Havilland Chipmunk the big yellow airplane.

    1. Hi Mike, sorry to say the photo I took of your plane was (Heavens to betsy!) out of focus! If you can send me a photo or two I will be happy to update the page with your photo from the show! Congrats on your 2nd place win!

  3. GY, if you send me an e mail address I can send you a photo I don’t blog. Thank you Mike

  4. Mike send the pix to me at the office at: gerryy@airage.com

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