Tomahawk Hawker Hunter

Tomahawk Hawker Hunter

Check out Mick Burrell’s 1/4.5-scale monster jet! Sporting an Abu Dhabi paint scheme created by Phil Noel, this nearly 8-foot-span, 10.5-foot-long model is powered by a Kingtech 210 turbine engine and has hydraulic landing gear, a Unilite lighting system, and uses MKS servos and a Jeti radio. The 48-pound model completed 1 hour of flight tests to be certified by the British Civil Aviation Authority before it could fly at public events. Thanks to Dean and Pete Coxon for taking this great video.


  1. What a sweet plane – just beautiful! Expertly flown and photographed. Loved the oleo scissors action during ground handling. Had to laugh at the “Radio Flyer” method of tugging the craft from the runway to the staging area with a length of string – where’s the FOLLOW ME truck?

  2. Wow, what a beautiful aircraft. When it’s in the air or on the ground it’s hard to believe it’s not the full size aircraft. Great job building and flying this great airplane. Makes me jealous.

  3. A beautiful model of a beautiful aircraft, what a fantastic job, hat off to you sir!

  4. Its fantastic… but is it just me or is it constantly wobbling slightly right and left on its roll axis?

  5. A beautiful aircraft, flown in a perfect scale manner, so nice to be seen that way. Some times, pilots of scale aircraft like to demonstrate their skill and cause the aircraft to perform maneuvers that the full size cannot do, and it is my opinion that degrades the performance. There is, however, one maneuver that doesn’t look scale, and that is the absolutely perfect landing. This is the one place the pilot is demonstrating outstanding performance. It is the perfect touchdown at the very beginning of the runway. This would be required on a short strip, and also required for the non-improved runway. I don’t think any military pilot could do that well. Well done!

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