Top 10 Strangest RC Planes

Top 10 Strangest RC Planes
The folks at Tail Heavy Productions pulled together a fun list of strange RC planes. From formation planes (four planes, one radio) to dizzying control-line speed fliers to indoor pattern aircraft, this video is worth the watch. We’ve all seen some strange RC airplanes, so let us know if something you’ve seen needs to be added to the list!
Updated: October 9, 2023 — 3:42 PM


  1. Just like a prior video here on MAN, this one contains many aspects of the hobby which have been mainstream for some time. Control line speed (since the 40s), DSS, indoor flying, RC combat, etc. All of the others are basically one-offs or have a very small following. Obviously made by a young group who doesn’t know the history of aircraft modeling.

  2. I thought it was a well done summary of non-mainstream RC. Fun and informative

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