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Top 5 Homebuilts

Top 5 Homebuilts

You can build these great-flying designs from Mark Rittinger
The traditional building season for RC model airplane builders goes hand in hand with the cooler weather associated with the holidays. Here in the Northeast, we start wrapping up flight ops in the middle to end of November and dust of our workbenches for that next project. Over many years, we here at Electric Flight and our sibling publication Model Airplane News have published hundreds of DIY construction plans for sport and scale models. One of our top designers is longtime contributor Mark Rittinger, who has an uncanny knack for designing and building beautiful airplanes. His plans feature simplified construction to speed the building process, and he has produced an amazing number of plans that are enjoyed by countless readers of our magazines.
This article highlights five of Mark’s most popular designs and serves to highlight just how easy his designs are to build. If you have wanted to get out of that ARF rut, and build something that will truly stand out at the flying field, then you have to check out these and his other plans available from our website. All of Mark’s plans carry a “level of difficulty” rating of “2” (with “1” being extremely easy and “5” being for expert builders and fliers). Mark’s designs are not intended for the very new builder or pilot, but if you have flown low-wing airplanes and have built a kit or two, you will have little trouble building these great-flying airplanes. So stock up on some glue, sandpaper, and sharp hobby-knife blades, and clean off a flat building area. Once you build and fly your first plans-built airplane, you will be hooked. All of these plans are available at

Read the article from the March 2017 issue of Electric Flight, Click here.

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