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Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair Build-Along, Part 10

Top Flite Giant Scale F4U Corsair Build-Along, Part 10

Well it has been a while since I posted but, that’s because I have been having a race with the MAN deadline. I have just about everything ready to go for our test flight tomorrow, so we’ll get back to the various sections of this impressive warbird’s build. Even though it is an ARF, you have to do the assembly tasks correctly. So here we go.

Last time we had just finished the engine and ignition system installation, and all that was left firewall forward was the manual choke likeage. here’s the spring loaded ball like I mentioned before. This slips into place easily and is quick to remove. The spring holds it securely.

You can just see the choke lever between the two fuel line loops. When you install the choke linkage, be sure that you clear the lines so they do not chaff against the pushrod wire.

With a suitable lock collar attached to the outer end, you can simply push or pull the linkage to engague the choke. I like this better than a servo activate setup and a switch on the radio.

With this all done, I was able to attached all the wiring and install the wing to the fuselage so I could check all the control throws and makes sure all the servo leads are properly tagged and hooked up to the right servos. It’s a big plane so tape with some letter (F for Flaps) and (A for Ailerons) really helps with field assembly.

As you can see I used cable ties to keep the wiring neat and secure so it does not get pinched or move around during flight.

As you can see here also, I weathered and detailed the dummy engine, by adding the engine rocker tubes and using a little “Rub N Buff” to highlight the engine. Looks pretty good if you ask me.

That’s it for now, stay tuned as I will post the applications of the custom aircraft markings and the cockpit details next time!

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  1. Dear sh Gerry,
    It is a temptive model with input of long experience it must be a model craft of desire to so many.
    Do we have a blueprint with detail instruction along with egine fuselage and other required material as a kit. If so what will it costin india in INR.
    kindly inform if it can be sent to us for further assemblying and enjoy it.
    V S Srivastava

    1. V S. thanks for your comment. A complete review of the Top Flite Corsair will be in the November 2012 issue of MAN! Watch for it.

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