Top Gun 2015 Static & Performance Award Winners

Top Gun 2015 Static & Performance Award Winners

It’s a combination of flying and building skills that counts when you enter the Top Gun Scale Invitational competition and the highlight of the banquet dinner is the presentation of the special achievement awards. From High Static to the Best of Classes and the flight performance recognition, the hardware is eye-opening just s much as the winning airplanes and their pilots. Here’s this year’s line up for Top Gun gold.


Award                                     Sponsor                                   Winner                    Aircraft        Score

Masters High Static                ZAP GLUE                           Jeff Foley                BF-109E       97.917


Expert High Static                   FLY RC                                  Jack Diaz              Fouga            99.167

Jack Diaz

Team High Static                     RC SPORT FLYER              Graham Mears       T-33             97.417

Team winner

Unlimited High Static             MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS       Team Rudy                         96.167


Best Civilian   Runner- Up      RED BULL                           Tim Cardin     T50 Bobcat


Best Civilian (Pilots Choice)    BOLD PROPS                      Mike Fetyko            Stearman

Best Civilian Stearman Mike Fetyko

Best Military Runner- Up       SPEKTRUM RADIO            Gabriel Pellegrini    F-100


Best Military (Pilots Choice)   HORIZON HOBBY             Mike Barbee           Grumman Wildcat


Best WW2                              RAY & ROBINS HOBBY           Brian O’Meara        P-47


Best Biplane                           EZ BALANCER                         John Boyko              Pitts Special


Best WW 1                             FALCON PROPS                       David James            SPAD VII


Best Pre WW2                        WARBIRDS OVER the ROCKIES  Jack Buckley        DH82 Tiger Moth


Best Jet                                   ELITE AEROSPORTS                  Jack Diaz                 Fouga


Best Pro-Am PRO                   CORTEX – DEMON GYROS      Gustavo Campana       Pampa


Best Pro-Am SPORT               MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS       Aarahn Stewart      P-47


Engineering Excellence           ZAP GLUE                                  Skip Mast              C-130


Outstanding Craftsmanship   MICRO FASTENERS                Todd Bixby              Airco DH1A

Airco DH1A

Best Unlimited Showing        ROBART MFG.                        Randy Clark             YAK 130


Top Buns Award                     FLY GIRLS                                Mike Fetyko

Best Jet Performance             KING TECH TURBINES       Peter Goldsmith     F-104


Best WW2 Performance        CARF MODELS                       Brian O’Meara      P-47


Best Multi Performance         GLOBAL  JET CLUB              David Payne            B-17


Critic’s Choice Runner-up       FTE                                          Mike Barbee           T-34



Critic’s Choice Award              Zap Glue & MAN                    Mike Barbee           Wildcat

Barbee Wildcat

Mr. Top Gun– Jack Diaz

Mr. Top Gun

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  1. Same group of fossils showing up to this year after year. Nice to see at least 2 or 3 unusual models. Ehhh. Zzzzzz.

    1. Hey Bill A. Gee whiz, I looked up and down the roster of Top Gun 2015 Participants that were INVITED to be at TOP GUN (and REPEATEDLY) because they’re the BEST MODELERS in the WORLD and it’s an Honor to be invited…….didn’t see your name anywhere. Hmmmmmm

  2. Congrats to all the winners! The models look truly spectacular!

  3. Hey Bill A., lighten up! Didn’t see your name in the results, who are you to talk? These folks are there, year after year, because they are that good, and they take the time and money(gobs of it) to be a part of this event and others. I think it awesome we have this going, I’m afraid to think of what it will be like when Frank gets tired of it all. The calibre of competition keeps improving and it spurs new ideas and technigues that we all can emulate. Our entire ‘Walter Mitty’ world is because of this sort of thing. Scale competition has always been extreme but gratifying when your ‘peers’ recognize your accomplishments. My only ‘bitch’ is the magazines don’t spend enough ‘ink’ on pictures and articles and possibly ‘how to’s’ from this stuff to do the competitors justice!

  4. I agree with Bruce’s comments below. I would never have neither the building skill, nor the sheer patience to build, far less enter one of the masterpieces into a competition of this caliber. I will just build my humble airplanes and fly and make mistakes. I have one airplane that I was trying to complete at my level of ‘scale’ without an documentation, and that took me about 300 + hours, I would not even attempt one of the above caliber. Beautiful workmanship all round you guys, be proud, ALL of you!!!

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