Top Gun — And the Winners are… Special Awards

Top Gun — And the Winners are… Special Awards

We had an amazing time covering all the scale action at this year’s Top Gun Scale Invitational competition. Even though the weather did not cooperate, the competitors did their best and their drive to win was not dampened!

STATIC AWARD                             Sponsor                                               Winner                    Aircraft                   


Masters High Static (98.25)              ZAP GLUE                                                David Ribbe             MiG-15

Expert High Static (97.75)                FLYRC  Magazine                                   Rod Snyder              F-100 Super Sabre

Team High Static (98.58)                 FLYING MODELS  Magazine               Graeme Mears       T-33 T-Bird

Unlimited High Static (96.67)         MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS                   Team Bihrle            Thrush Crop duster

Best Civilian   Runner- Up                KEMPENSKI HOTELS                           Steve Thomas         Ralle Morane

Best Civilian    (Pilots Choice)          FALCON PROPS                                       John Boyko              Cessna 335

Best Military   Runner- Up                SPEKTRUM RADIO                                  Todd Bixby              Airco DH-1A

Best Military   (Pilots Choice)          HORIZON HOBBY                                   Takashi Imai           Mitsubishi  Zero Type-52

Best WW2                                              BOLD PROPS                                           Pedro Sanchez        P-47 Thunderbolt

Best Biplane                                        SOS INTERNATIONAL                             Tom Kosewski         Fokker D.VI

Best WW 1                                           MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS                       Dave Perrone          Fokker D.VIII

Best Pre WW2                                    KING TECH TURBINES                           Mitch Epstein                    WACO

Best Jet                                                   NICK ZIROLI PLANS                              Peter Goldsmith   F-104 Starfighter

Best Pro-Am Entry                                RED BULL                                    Dino DiGiorgio     Corsair

Best Pro-Am Sport                                 BOB VIOLETT MODELS                     Lou Centrangelo      Spitfire Mk. 9

Engineering Excellence                         DURALITE                                               Dave Wigley            Bristol Beaufighter

Best Cockpit Interior                               DOWN and LOCKED                                Rod Snyder              F-100 Super Sabre

Outstanding Craftsmanship                    ZAP GLUE                                              Richard Crapp         Ryan PT-22

Best Unlimited Showing                        WARBIRDS OVER ROCKIES               Jason Bauer            Scale Blazers

Just Plane Awesome                              JR AMERICAS                                          Masakazu Oiwa   Mitsubishi Zero Type-21

Best Gas Performance                           EVOLUTION ENGINES                            Takashi Imai           Mitsubishi Zero Type-52

Best Electric Performance                      E-FLITE                                                    Bob Violett              A-10 Warthog

Best WW2 Performance                        MIBO JETS                                              Pedro Sanchez        P-47 Thunderbolt

Best Multi Performance                         EZ BALANCER                                         Curtis Switzer         Douglas LC-47H Skytrain

Best Jet Performance                             RAY & ROBIN’S HOBBY                          Dustin Buescher      F-104 Starfighter

Critics Choice Runner-up                        FRANK TIANO ENT.                Phil Noel/Rei Gonzalez          F-84F Thunderstreak

Critics Choice Award               ZAP GLUE & MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS                  Dave Wigley            Bristol Beaufighter

Top Buns Award                                           FLY GIRLS                                                Pedro Sanchez

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