Top Gun High Static Winners

Top Gun High Static Winners

When it comes to competing at Top Gun, there are two parts to the aircraft’s score; the static score and the flight score. Before the flight rounds are flown, aircraft in the Masters, Expert, Team, and Unlimited classes must first be judged for their static score. The model is inspected and evaluated according to the modeler’s own documentation booklet and points are given for Outline, Color, Markings and for overall Craftsmanship.In case of a overall Static Score tie, then the tie is broken by the highest Outline score.

Then the aircraft is flown in several flight rounds with the lowest being a throwaway and the the others added up for the flight score. The final flight score and the Static score are then added together to come up with the contestants overall score for final standings.

Here below are the top Static Score Winners

Class       Modeler              Aircraft                         Static Score          Sponsors

Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Top Gun High Static Winners

Masters     David Hayes       Ayres Turbo Thrush      99.167                   CARF-Models

This 99-inch-long, 1/5-scale crop-duster is powered by an E-flite Power 60 electric motor turning an APC 19×10 prop. David flew his Thrush with a Spektrum DX9 radio to earn 161.842 total points and placed 3rd in the class. David won the “Mr. Top Gun” title with his Rockwell Thrush, (a different model) in 2008 and 2009.


Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Top Gun High Static Winners

Expert    Peter Goldsmith         Hawk 100                   99.00               Warbirds West

Built from the Tomahawk Aviation all-composite kit, Peter’s Hawk 100 earned a nearly perfect score with 99 points from the static judges. It’s powered by a KingTech 210 turbine engine and weighs in at 50 pounds. Peter flew it with his Spektrum DX 20 radio to earn 196.1 total points, winning the Expert class and the coveted Mr. Top Gun title.


Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Top Gun High Static Winners

Team    Phil Noel / Rei Gonzalez    MiG 15                 96.33                 Red Bull

Built by Phil Noel from the Skymaster kit, this 1/4-scale jet is powered by a Jet Central Cheetah turbine. Rei piloted it with a Spektrum DX20 radio to earn 191.158 total points and placed 4th in the Team Scale Class.


Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Top Gun High Static Winners

Unlimited   Joe Castelao             T-34B                      98.25           Metal Building Supplies

The Best of the West Beechcraft T-34 was built by Joe Castelao and piloted by Ali Machincy. it has a 136 inch span and was built from enlarged Bob Patton plans. Ali flew the Mentor with a Spektrum DX18 radio system to earn 196.850 total points which allowed the aircraft to win 1st place in the Unlimited class for the third year in a row.


Model Airplane News - RC Airplane News | Top Gun High Static Winners

X-Class       Rob Lynch                    F-18                      97.75                     Cortex Demon Gyro

The BVM PNP model has an 85.5 inch span and it is 121 inches long. Weighing in at 54 pounds, it is powered with a KinTech 260 turnine engine. Rob flew the F-18 with Spektrum DX20 radio to earn a score of 146.225.

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