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Top Gun — High Static Winners

Top Gun — High Static Winners

One of the most prized awards at Top Gun and part of the requirements for a “Mr. Top Gun” Title is the High Stgatic Award for the most accurate aircraft as represented by the builder’s documentation. A lot of work goes into to this effect even before the plane ever flies. Here’s this year’s top winners.


Jeff Foley, Messerschmitt Me-109E 98.492


Mike Gross Sr. Sopwith Camel 98.168 points

Team (Tie) 99.432

Graeme Mears T-33

Mike Selby, A-6 Intruder


Team Bihrle Rockwell Thrush Crop Duster

Updated: May 18, 2012 — 12:40 PM

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  1. Best Top Gun EVER ! Flying was superb !

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