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Top Gun Winners and Placers — Unlimited Class

Top Gun Winners and Placers — Unlimited Class

When it comes to adding a touch of flare to scale competition, Frank Tiano has always been ahead of the curve with Top Gun. Several years ago Frank came up with the unlimited class and it has been a welcomed addition to the scale invitational ever since.

This category doesn’t have a “builder of the model” rule, but it does have a single pilot throughout the event. Aircraft are static-judged, and the average of the three best flight rounds (out of four) is added to the static score. All members of the 13 teams competing in Unlimited this year wore matching shirts.

And the winners are…

1st. Place, Best in the West Jets, T-34


2nd. Place, Team Meister Scale. Zero

3rd. Place, Team Electric B-17. Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress


4th. Place, Snyder Aerosports. MiG-15


5th. Place, Team Brazil. MiG-15


6th. Place,Team Yak 130. Yak 130


7th. Place, Team Falcon Props. RV-4


8th. Place, Team Ultimate Jets. A-12 Oxcart


9th. Place, Team CMJ & Sons. P-51D


10th. Place, Team Tigercat, Grumman F7F-3


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