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Top Gun Winners and Placers — X-Class

Top Gun Winners and Placers — X-Class

We continue with out tour down winner’s row and this time we highlight the winners and placers in the Top Gun X-Class. This class is for models that have been “finished” by the manufacturer. However, it is not for custom, “One-off” color schemes. The model needs to be one that is commonly available to anyone. The model is static judged using the same rules as Expert Class, except that Craftsmanship is judged from the same distance as Outline and Color. The contestant may alter the appearance of the factory finish by weathering or adding details. But, the color scheme / markings may not be changed from the colors and placement of markings as received from the factory.

The 3-view drawings and the color/artwork presented with the model for static judging must be from a commercially available, published source and not provided by the kit manufacturer.
And the winners are…
1st Place. Dustin Buescher, F-16
2nd. Place. Rob Lynch, F-16C
3rd. Place. Jimmy Safie, L-39 Albatros
4th. Place Greg Arnette, F-16
5th. Dino DiGiorgio, Tucano
6th. Place. Greg Foushi, F-16
7th. Place Scott Harris, F-16
8th. Place Brad Hughes. F-16
9th. Place Ken Thornton, P-47 Thunderbolt
10th. Place, Jon Hay, Meteor LTR-1A-1A

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