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Top Notch Models Cessna 195: Scale Buildalong, part 4

Top Notch Models Cessna 195: Scale Buildalong, part 4

Our Cessna setup and ready for trim. The plane is covered in Solartex and primed and painted with Topflite Lusterkote white. This gave us a very good looking, even surface for trim and paint. Notice the wheel pants are now installed and the KMS motor is installed.












We are using a basic 5 channel radio, the Hobby People AeroSport 5. This radio is a basic radio that does not offer advanced features like differential ailerons. However, we decided since it was a Cessna famous for severe adverse-yaw affect when using ailerons, we wanted aileron-differential. We accomplished this mechanically with off-set centering on the aileron servo arm. With the setup shown we will get about 40% more “up” travel than “down” in the aileron movement.

To give the interior a more finished look when looking through the windows, we painted the interior flat-black. We have also installed the 94803 Airtronics servos for the elevator and rudder. As you can see, the rudder servo has the pull-pull connected with micro Dubro EZ Connectors and the elevator pushrod is solid KNS music wire and we’ve used a standard Dubro EZ Connector. This is a small plane and careful use of EZ connectors prevent us for having to use bulky connectors or more complicated pushrod setups in this fairly small airframe. And we have full adjustability!


To go to part 1 and subsequent installments, click here.

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  1. Could someone please explain to me why a 90deg offset (normally used for adjusting linkage) is used in conjunction with an EZ connector.

    1. Have forwarded your question to the builders; will post as soon as I hear back!

      1. They write: The original design had NO adjustments, only the v-shaped bends. So, we initially made the pushrods that way in an effort to follow the design. However, as we started to install them we decided it was too much hassle, so we installed the E/Z connectors. The pushrods are short, so they don’t bend much, thus we didn’t bother to make the pushrods over again. There is no real purpose for the V-shaped bend other than it was already there.

  2. looks like a sweet project

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