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Here is the latest information from Thunder Tiger about a new add-on for the Titan X50

The torque tube-driven tail has been hailed as a major breakthrough in heli technology and Thunder Tiger has taken full advantage of it in creating the Titan X50.  Everything about the Titan X50 is designed to deliver ultra-smooth handling and adrenalin-pumping 3D performance with no limits.  With its proven torque tube-driven tail rotor and many other upgrades, the Titan X50 is the ultimate 50-class machine!

*  The highly efficient torque tube-driven tail rotor delivers the crisp rudder response and 100% power transfer that 3D heli pilots demand

* In addition to high-tech looks, the carbon/aluminum compound tail boom adds stiffness and reduces vibration

* Each tail rotor grip has its own dual radius and thrust bearing for unprecedented precision and reliability

* All shafts are made of heat-treated, hardened stainless steel

* Durable, lightweight carbon-fiber blades add good looks and boost performance

*  Choose the Titan X50 Kit or go all-out with the kit version that includes a Redline 53H engine with 3D pipe

* A separate Conversion Kit is available for upgrading the belt-driven Titan X50B to the all-out performance levels of the torque tube Titan X50


Main Rotor Diameter: 53 in (1345 mm)

Tail Rotor Diameter: 10.25 in (260 mm)

Fuselage Length: 47.25 in (1200 mm)

Weight (Fully Equipped): 7.16 lb (3250 g)

TTRE0073      Titan X50 Kit w/Torque Tube Tail                                  Price:$559.99

TTRE0074      Titan X50 Kit w/Torque Tube Tail/53H/Muffler             Price:$779.99

TTRE4579      Titan X50B Torque Tube Conversion Kit                       Price:$109.99

The Thunder Tiger Titan X50 with Torque Tube Tail is available now.

The Thunder Tiger Titan X50 Torque Tube Kit with engine and muffler will be available early June.

The Thunder Tiger Titan X50B Torque Tube Conversion Kit will be available early June.

Updated: July 21, 2015 — 9:58 AM

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