Tower Hobbies Ryan STA Airplane EP ARF 53″ [VIDEO]

Tower Hobbies Ryan STA Airplane EP ARF 53″ [VIDEO]

From Tower Hobbies:
The 53-inch span Tower Hobbies Ryan STA pulls off scale aerobatics with style. This electric ARF version of the Golden Age icon includes the scale eye-catching checkerboard design on the underside of the wing. The lightweight, built-up wood airframe reduces assembly time, while the removable one-piece wing makes it easy for pilots to store and transport. Short, direct servo linkages result in superior control. Combining incredible value with unbeatable performance, the Tower Hobbies Ryan STA is the perfect plane for stepping up from foamies to more advanced aircraft.


  • The perfect plane for aerobatic maneuvers like loops, rolls and stall turns.
  • A great “step-up” aircraft for pilots who have mastered high-wing trainers or low/mid-wing sport models.
  • Strong, lightweight, built-up wood airframe.
  • Hand-laid fiberglass cowl, wheel pants and fairings improve scale looks and aerodynamics.
  • Individual aileron servos with short, direct linkages provide precise control.
  • Removable one-piece wing simplifies storage and transport.
  • Easy-to-attach magnetic cowl does not use screws, for cleaner lines and easier motor access.
  • Easy-to-remove hatch for faster LiPo battery changes.
  • Scale, high-viz trim scheme with checkerboard wing bottom design uses high-quality heat shrink film.
  • Ailerons arrive prehinged.
  • Low parts count for faster assembly.
  • Complete hardware package included.
  • The Ryan STA ARF delivers spectacular performance with a 42-50-800 outrunner brushless motor. The ElectriFly™ RimFire™ .32 (GPMG4700) is an ideal choice.
  • A removable hatch gives pilots instant access to LiPos and on-board radio gear.
  • A fiberglass cowl, wheel pants and fairings add scale realism and improve aerodynamics.
  • Short, direct aileron servo linkages result in precise control.
  • The eye-catching trim scheme reproduces the full-scale Ryan STA’s, down to the checkerboard design on the bottom of the wing.


Wing: One-piece
Motor Mount: Plywood
Wheel Pants: Painted fiberglass
Cowl: Painted fiberglass


Prebuilt Wing, Tail and Fuselage Assemblies, Spinner, Wheels, Landing Gear, Clear Windscreen and Instruction Manual


Radio: 4-channel
Servos: Four slim or mini size
Servo Extensions: Two 9″ (229mm) or one 12″ (305mm)
Brushless Motor: Rimfire .32 (42-50-800)
Electronic Speed Control: 75A
Propeller: To match selected motor
Battery: 3S 11.1V at least 3200mAh recommended
Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery Charging Bag, Battery & Motor Connectors, Building and Field Equipment


Length: 40″ (1016mm)
Wingspan: 53″ (1346mm)
Wing Area: 424sq in (27.35sq dm)
Wing Loading: 20.3 – 22.1oz/sq ft (61.9 – 67.4g/sq dm)
Weight: 60 – 65oz (1700 – 1842g)
Center of Gravity (CG): 2-3/8 – 2-5/8″ (60 – 67mm) measured from the leading edge of the wing
Control Throws High Rate Low Rate: Elevator, Up/Down: 5/8″ (16mm) 12° 7/16″ (1mm) 8° | Rudder, Right/Left: 1-1/8″ (28mm) 20° 7/8″ (22mm) 16° | Ailerons, Up/Down: 15/16″ (24mm) 31° 5/8″ (16mm) 20°

#TOWA2090 – $139.99
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