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Tower Hobbies Vista Grande EP Sailplane AR [VIDEO]

Tower Hobbies Vista Grande EP Sailplane AR [VIDEO]

From Tower Hobbies:
With its 100” span wing, the Vista Grande EP sailplane handles well in wind and responds gently to control input. Bold stripes on the wing bottom aid in following orientation. Electric power means no hi-start, tow plane, or large launch area are needed. You can climb to soaring altitude quickly, coast on the thermals, come down, and do it all again — without recharging. Features include a factory-covered all-wood airframe; 3-piece, bolt-on wing; factory-hinged rudder and elevator; and center wing section spoiler. A brushless motor, ESC, and folding propeller are all included.
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Updated: June 20, 2018 — 4:28 PM
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