1920s Handley Page Airliner – Travel in Style!

Handley Page W10 radio control rc

The next time you’re traveling by air, imagine what it must have been like to take a trip in the 1920s  in a 15-passenger plane like this!  This 15-foot-span Handley Page W.10 model is powered by two 60cc Laser twin-cylinder engines and weighs in at 86 pounds. Builder Neil Tidy spent 2000 hours on the model of the 1926 Imperial Airways aircraft. The video by Dean & Pete Coxon also shows a clip of a 16-foot-span, four-turbine Vickers Armstrong VC-10 built by Terry Mason. Enjoy!

Updated: December 20, 2018 — 11:00 AM


  1. beautiful airplane , but why is it in England, the pilots can barely control these airplanes, and some of the worst landings I have seen , it boggles my mind

    1. Must be a hard existence, being the world only perfect rc pilot? Boggles my mind.


  3. Roger F.: Thankfully RC is enjoyed worldwide and I’m pleased to see aircraft modeled that are not normally done here in the US. A couple of notes on the landings: After watching the low approaches in the video it is obvious there is a crosswind, which affects even large, real aircraft landings. Further, any landing where you are not collecting bits and pieces or you bend parts that are not supposed to be bent is a good landing. You must be pretty awesome to have never had a bad landing while flying RC.

  4. We create beautiful things, as beautiful as any oil painting that lasts for centuries. Then we put them at risk and fly them and often lose them.

    Because airplanes are meant to fly. not spend their lives in museums-maybe a few in museums, but not all.

    That’s what I think. “Ben” Owen

  5. I’d be shaky too after 2000 hours build time

  6. Great video!

  7. The Handly Page W10 would be a real dream to build inside of a normal workshop, say 5′ span at 7-8#. These modelers across the pond must have nearly vacant hangars to build these behemoth masterpieces! Thank you for posting!

  8. Two more European behemoths flying in ovals. Really exciting.

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