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Traxxas QR-1 Micro Quadcopter [VIDEO]

Traxxas QR-1 Micro Quadcopter [VIDEO]

There has been a miniaturization “Arms Race” underway, where competitors have been pulling out all the stops to create the smallest, most compact quadcopters. Enter Traxxas! That’s right, the newest and, as far as we can tell, the smallest quadcopter on the hobby shop shelves is now a Traxxas product called the QR-1. If you are even a little knowledgeable about the RC car marketplace, then you will know that Traxxas is a very big player in the RC car, truck, and boat arenas, and we’ve come to learn that anything with the Traxxas label on it is going to have to hit the highest marks for quality and performance—the QR-1 does that in spades. Check out the video below, and don’t miss the full review in the March issue of Model Airplane News!

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Updated: December 10, 2012 — 3:36 PM
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  1. I have a similar quadcopter and love it. One tip: Watch out for lint and fuzz wrapping around one of the motors and making it unstable and untrimmable. Easily rectified once you figure it out.

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