Treat your Engines Right! — Sullivan Products ProFlex Universal Fuel Line

Treat your Engines Right! — Sullivan Products ProFlex Universal Fuel Line

Besides battery failure, one of the leading causes of dead-stick landings and damaged airplanes is engine-fuel starvation. We’ve all experienced that moment when the noisy thing pulling your airplane through the air goes silent. With time, the alcohol in today’s gasoline makes the typical gas-compatible fuel line swell to the point that the internal pickup line within the fuel tank simply falls off the output tube and the engine signs off for the rest of the flight. Enter Sullivan Products!


Made from proprietary Fluoroelastomer, ProFlex fuel line will never harden or swell. Impervious to gasoline, glow fuel, diesel, and smoke oil, ProFlex is also heat resistant, so it is great for big-block gas engines and smoke mufflers. The thin-walled fuel line is very flexible and won’t kink even in tight bends. It’s available in standard and large diameters, and in three lengths: 6-inch ($3.67–$4.89), 2-foot ($7.59–$8.69), and 12-foot tank replumb kits ($27.99–$29.99). Standard clunk tie wires are included in the replumbing kits.


I replumbed my giant-scale Fokker triplane powered with a Zenoah GT-80, and I have flown all summer long with the large ProFlex fuel line. After a full season of flying at several giant-scale events, I checked the condition of the fuel line and it is as flexible and as tightly attached to the fuel fittings—and my smoke pump and smoke mufflers—as the day I installed them. I put my trust in hardware and supplies that stand the test of time. So far, things are looking pretty good.

I have also switched all of my engine run tests to using ProFlex and I find the two sizes available fit most carburetor fittings and fuel tank fittings. Most recently while test running my Fuji 43cc gas engine for an upcoming project. I also replaced the stock black pressure line leading from the carburetor to the engine case pulse pressure fitting. The standard spring wire retainer clips fit perfectly around the ProFlex line.


So, give your models a bit more life insurance and switch to this new fuel tubing from you’ll be glad you did. The airplane you save may be your own.

Updated: November 1, 2016 — 10:17 AM
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