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Tremendous Texan

Tremendous Texan

With a wingspan of over 100 inches, this 1/4-scale T-6 Texan is powered by a Moki 215cc radial gas engine. It looks and sounds great in the air, and  the onboard camera on the horizontal stabilizer provides an in-air view! We love the detail on its meticulous sliding greenhouse canopy.  Thanks to Dean and Peter Coxon who filmed the T-6 at Fullers Hill Farm in Cambridshire, UK, during the 2014 Willis Warbirds Meet.


Updated: July 27, 2015 — 10:10 AM
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  1. As always a great video of my dear friends Daeno & Pete !

    1. Thanks for your comment Horst
      And thanks for sharing Debra

  2. Very smooth flight – both plane and pilot.

  3. This is what the passion is all about get job truly a piece of art.

    1. Sorry have a problem with proof reading I should have read “great job”!

  4. awesome

  5. In a word awesome superb sound and I want one!!!!

  6. Wow! Love it

  7. The T-6 was a WW2 trainer and should reflect the US Army Aviation lettering. The USAF on the wings reflects a period after 1947 when the USAA became the US Air Force. Other than that it was an enjoyable experience watching the T-6 perform. Good job mates.

  8. The big Mokiss sound is so sweet. beautiful model and piloting as well.

    1. PS Merry Xmas and a great new year to the MAN team 😀

  9. Great video!

  10. Very realistic flight.
    I wonder how Glenn built this 1:3.6 scale T6 so light: I would like to ask him for some additional information on that plane. How can I contact him?
    Thanks and congrats.

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