Tremendous Texan

Tremendous Texan

With a wingspan of over 120 inches, this 1/4-scale T-6 Texan is powered by a Moki 215cc radial gas engine. It looks and sounds great in the air, and  the onboard camera on the horizontal stabilizer provides an in-air view! We love the detail on its meticulous sliding greenhouse canopy.  Thanks to Dean and Peter Coxon who filmed the T-6 at Fullers Hill Farm in Cambridgeshire, UK, during the 2014 Willis Warbirds Meet.


Updated: October 2, 2019 — October 2, 2019


  1. These are not model airplanes; what they are, are small aircraft. And I am totally uninterested in this giant scale shit. I have been happily destroying balsawood for almost 70 years now, flying rubber, controlline and RC now since 1968: sport, pylon, poor pattern, bipes and scale, but no larger than .60 glow engines. I have been present and seen 4 RC aircraft crash and hit spectators, one fatally, over the years. Flying these huge monstrosities is going to lead to disaster one day, and people, possibly children are going to die. I am very disappointed in MANs enthusiastic support for same, and possibly may let my subscription the MAN sadly lapse, and you know what, I have been reading MAN since the mid 50s, and have saved every issue, that is almost 800 issues. It is folks/modellers like me who are the mainstay supporters of this wonderful model airplane hobby, not the builder-flyers of these huge monstrous freaks. Sorry, Not Intersted!!!

  2. Gorgeous airplane.

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