Tremendous Triplane: 65% Fokker Dr. 1

Tremendous Triplane: 65% Fokker Dr. 1

If triplanes are a rare sight at most flying fields, 65%-scale ones are a rare treat! This terrific video features Steve Carr’s first public flight of his new Dr.1 Triplane at the Large Model Associations East Kirkby Show in Great Britain. Built from the Bill Hemple ARF package, this model has a 15.75-foot wingspan and is powered by a 550cc engine that Steve designed. The plane uses four Multiplex receivers (one in each wing and two in the tail) and 13 Hitec 44KG servos. Thanks to Essential RC for taking this video and sharing it with us.


  1. With that headwind, he could have used an .049 Great job on the sticks!
    I wish we could build and fly planes like that in America without all of the red tape from the Arrogant Modelers Association.

    1. Alicia, I totally agree. The problem is that AMA got in bed with the FAA and now the “ONLY” way to legally fly model airplanes(We are “Hobbiest”) is to belong to AMA. And now because of this requirement, AMA can raise their year dues to anything amount they want. And remember that their fine “INSURANCE” is secondary! Your “Home Owner’s” policy covers first. Ah but what the “HEY”, sure is a nice day.Don’t let the “Red Tape” stop you from building what you want. George Bernard Shaw once wrote; Some men look at things the way they are and ask,why? Others dream of things that never were and ask, why not. Go chase your dreams. Nick.

      1. Do you really think the powers in DC would leave us alone if there was no AMA? They would surely regulate us out of existence. It is ONLY their extreme efforts that allow us to fly at all. Be grateful not critical. Terry

  2. Is it foam?

  3. It’s really a UAV and wouldn’t need to be much bigger to carry a human pilot. Although it’s an accomplishment, it’s little too large IMHO. If you want to build something that big, you should be doing it via the EAA and go fly in it. I’m more impressed with the original design engine than the airframe.

    Regarding the derogatory comment about the AMA; it’s uncalled for. Be glad the AMA works with the FAA to allow us to do what we do.

  4. This plane is awesomely built and flown in my honest opinion. If you think it is too large, you probably shouldn’t build one. If your not willing to follow regulations to build and fly something this large, you probably shouldn’t build one. Awesome plane, awesome motor, awesome flight. Unawesome comments.

  5. Very nice, and well done. 2 small things – wish it had a pilot, and it should be covered in fabric and latex, not plastic..

  6. I never get tired of watching these 65% Hemple designed Dr.I’s taking to the skies…No matter how many videos I’ve seen of them!

    Excellent comments one and all…except for poor Dennis, who’s derogatory statements towards large RC airplanes was totally uncalled for.

  7. It is BIG! Those three decks certainly give it realistic jinking manoeuverability. Would like to see a couple tree jugs hanging out the open portion of the nacelle, but I don’t imagine he’s done detailing yet. A couple tree more ground crew woulda been helpful too(and realistic)! Impressive.

  8. Has Fokker open a new factory or what? They should start producing radials for those beast.

  9. Well the landing was amaizing

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