Turbine-powered EC135

Turbine-powered EC135

You have to see this helicopter next to its pilot to believe that it isn’t the real deal! YouTube’s Flynlyons notes, “Most people who see the EC135 are stuck by her beautiful lines and that fenestron tail, however once you see this amazing aircraft in the air you’ll understand why so many RC helicopter pilots have this particular Vario kit on their short list of ‘to do’ items.  This particular EC135 was built with exceptional skill and care as the builder/pilot has only one working arm… Hence the registration of 1H-NDR on the lower tail bumper.  If you’re ever been in doubt about the human spirit being alive and well, seeing this model fly should calm any doubts.”

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 4:57 PM


  1. Simply fantastic. What else can you say!!??

    The video only shows the heli while in flight and not the pilot. I would like to see the control inputs and how he is flying this wonderful model.


  3. What an up lift of ( I Can & I Will )

    Would like to spend a day with the man so he can slap me up side the head and kick me in the ass!

  4. Absoutely phenominal. If anyone ever wants to crawl into a shell after loosing a body part they should watch this.

    Even if he didn’t fly the bird the quality of his construction one handed is outstanding.

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