Turnigy LCD Tachometer

Turnigy LCD Tachometer

The Turnigy LCD Tachometer is used to measure the RPM of just about any rotating object.  It’s shown here being used by Tony Iannucilli to measure the head speed of Martin Cohen’s main rotor blades on a beautiful fall Florida day.  However, it can also be used on airplane propellers, calibrating timing belts, dynamic balancing calibration for flywheels, vibration frequency measurements and more.

Traditional optical tachometers utilize a motor-driven shutter which takes time to match the set rpm due to its need to physically change speed, but the Turnigy LCD Tachometer utilizes a high-speed electronic LCD shutter to measure RPM, which is much faster and more accurate. This makes for virtually no delay when changing the RPM setting and provides accuracy within +/-1RPM.  It even offers adjustable aperture settings to allow for use in just about any lighting condition. And as you can see in the photo, to use the tach simply look at the helicopter through the viewing window and adjust the RPM with the “+” and “-”  buttons until the rotor blades stop.  The RPM is then read on the digital readout.

Specific features:
RPM Range of 800~4200RPM
4 Digit LCD Screen Display
High Accuracy Within +/-1RPM
10 Level Aperture Adjustment
Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle
High Speed Electronic LCD Shutter
Auto-Shut Off Feature (after 30 seconds)
Ability to store 5 pre-set RPM values
Low Battery Alarm

RPM measurement range: 800~4200RPM
Accuracy: +/-1RPM
Aperture settings: 10 selectable
Power: CR2032  button battery (included)
Weight: 40g

Updated: November 21, 2012 — 4:28 PM
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