Model Airplane Makeover: Turn your ARF into Something Unique

Model Airplane Makeover: Turn your ARF into Something Unique
Not everyone has the patience or the many hours it can take to build a large scale model, so the availability of ARF warbirds such as the Phoenix Model A-26 Invader has been a boon for time-challenged builders. The only drawback is that you are limited to the livery the manufacturer chose for their subject, and if anyone else at your field shows up with the same plane, well, you just can’t have that. While researching info about the full scale A-26 for my review, I came across an image of a currently flying Invader called “Sugarland Express” and thought its livery would look great on my model. Here is a quick run-down of the makeover.
Getting Started

RC model airplane, warbird, Radio control, scale ,The first thing I did was prep the wings and tail feathers for the red tips. I opted to use regular spray paint since my model was electric. If the model was glow/gas powered, I would’ve used fuel proof paint or covering film. After masking off the tips, a scouring pad was used to remove the gloss from the covering. Just prior to painting, I removed any contaminants with a bit of acetone on a lint free rag. MODEL AIRPLANE NEWS PREMIUM members can access this article and many others highlighting amazing techniques, RC airplane builds and projects. When you become a member, you’ll get instant online access to our back-issue archives, the latest Model Airplane News Digital Editions, all of our newsstand-only special issues, and much more.

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  1. Kermit Weeks talks about an A26 with 4 underwing pods with 2 50s in each plus 2 turrets with 2 50s in each and along with an eight gun nose you get a total of twenty 50 cals available. Adding the pods and the turrets would definitely set one apart from the run of the mill. You can find this article at (the guns are at about 14:00).

  2. How do I get to read the article? I’m signed in and all I keep getting is the short version that runs into signing up for Premium. this keeps happening off and on

    1. Hi there — thanks for your note. To see the article you’ll need to go to the Premium Site itself. At the very top of the page you should see a black bar, and at the left you can switch between the usual site and the Premium. If you still can’t access, please send an email to and our IT folks can help!

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