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While we wait for the TRAC and SEFI articles, how about some night flying?

I saw Twisted Hobbys’ video of the new light kit they came out with for their Xtra Slick, and I just had to have one. Now that I’ve tried it I can honestly say it is awesome. Two white LED’s get hot-glued to the top half of the SFG’s and two blue ones to the bottom halves. They shine back onto the plane illuminating it as if it was daytime. I’ve flown with the light strip setup on other planes before… you know, the 3 ft strips on the wings that point slightly forward that we all lose orientation with and crash? Well, this setup is much better. The ultra bright LED’s light up the airplane itself so you don’t have to fly by the lights; you just fly the airplane.

This video was taken in my front yard. My camera doesn’t like low light, but we’re working on upgrading it. Until then, this is what I have. Despite the quality, it actually came out pretty decent. If you don’t think so, just listen to the music :).

–Tom K.

Updated: October 12, 2011 — 8:59 PM
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