AnyLink Tx-R Airplanes: Fly with any brand of Radio!

AnyLink Tx-R Airplanes: Fly with any brand of Radio!

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How would you like a plane that you can fly with any 2.4GHz radio you like? Any brand! That exactly what you can do with the new “Transmitter-Ready” (Tx-R) airplanes and all it takes to make it happen is a little black box called the AnyLink™.

Adding the AnyLink to your transmitter unlocks its true versatility. It retains the ability to fly the same planes it flew before — and it gains the ability to fly any Tx-R airplane you want. If you’re like most pilots, all it will require is plugging the AnyLink into the trainer or DSC port of your radio.

Once that’s done, your transmitter will be broadcasting a true, interference-free, 2.4GHz signal compatible with the SLT receivers in every Tx-R airplane. Link the receiver to AnyLink and you’re set.

Right now the list of Tx-R airplanes includes:


  • Great Planes F-86 Sabre Jet EDF
  • Flyzone Albatros and Fokker Dr.I Triplane
  • Flyzone Playmate and Super Cub
  • Flyzone Cessna 350 Corvalis and Cessna 182 Skylane
  • Flyzone Sensei trainer, Switch, and Sky Fly Max
  • Flyzone Classic Cub and FW-190 German Fighter


AnyLink Radio Adapter

So how do you know if your transmitter is AnyLink-compatible? Once again, the answer is: “Very simply.” Clicking here will take you to the AnyLink Compatibility Chart at the website and you’re in the know.  It will not only tell you if your transmitter is compatible with AnyLink, but which (if any) optional adapter cable you’ll need.

  • AnyLink works with virtually any transmitter, regardless of brand, band or modulation.
  • AnyLink enables your transmitter to send out a true, 2.4GHz signal — and operate with all of the interference-free dependability of a frequency-hopping, spread-spectrum system.
  • AnyLink offers all of the convenience, versatility and benefits listed above for far less than the cost of a new 2.4GHz radio system.

If you own a Tactic radio, there’s even less to do. Nothing, in fact! Tactic transmitters (and receivers) use the same SLT protocol used in AnyLink. And because they do, you can use your Tactic radio to fly any Tx-R airplane as is…without AnyLink.

So this cross brand radio technology looks like it’s going to shake things up in the RC marketplace. We’ll keep you posted as more information on the Tx-R Airplanes series and the AnyLink modules becomes available!




Updated: July 16, 2015 — 4:36 PM


  1. It’s a great idea. We need some reason for manufactures to work together for the common good. Maybe this will do it.

  2. It looks quite interesting.

    .Where can I buy a Bipe that will fly that fast as in the video?
    2. will this setup allow my hitec (or futaba or dx6) to master or slave with the tactic TX to do wireless buddy box?

  3. Where can I buy one?It’s about time,do you know how many micro airplanes there are that can be flown with out my DX8?Looking forward to flying the “other” brands.

  4. “How would you like a plane that you can fly with any 2.4GHz radio you like? Any brand! ”

    Any brand except Airtronics, apparently…

    Still, a very neat concept..

  5. Yes it work with airtronics tx. I have buy the TACM0003 adapter cable and change the 6 pins DIN for a 5 pins connector and swap the chanel 3 and 4 servo plug in the model. I will test this week-end.

  6. Atention I have a TACTIC 6 channel all I need is 2 SABRE JET F86 MINI Please Tell me the price I alredy have the rest With two battery Tell me the Price off other P¨lane only

    1. It does work with Airtronics. Here is a video that I made explaining one way to do it:

  7. Does it work with a devo radio

  8. So i use Spektrum DX6iand i am thinking about purchasing the Flyzone Calypso which comes with a tactic receiver. what will i have to do in order to fly the plane? since the plane comes with a different brand receiver?

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