Ultimate Ugly Duckling??

Ultimate Ugly Duckling??

The Shorts SC-7 Skyvan has become a favorite ride for skydiving enthusiasts throughout the world. It’s box-like structure is utilitarian,  forming a efficient container for all forms of cargo from boxes to beings with everything in between. When I first ran across a picture of the full scale Skyvan I concluded that it would make a great model; easy to build and  electric-powered  which could probably be done fairly inexpensively. My flying buddy Gene, with his boundless  faith in my ability, a desire for something unusual and some extra time on his hands, built one along with me.

The project progressed quickly and, in short order, we had the two prototypes ready to fly. They flew well and we are both enjoying them immensely. It IS an easy build and fun to fly model that takes the “white knuckle” factor out of flying a twin!  We met all the design goals except one…….there’s nothing we can do about homely……..except call it “cute”!

Combo2 DSC_0024w DSC_0007 P1010031 006 DSC_0028w DSC_0018w DSC_0019w

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  1. Utility aircraft are never Ugly!
    Designed to do a singular job they are beautiful in the eyes of a designer. Long live the Skyvan, Porter, Caravan and Wilga!

  2. Where can I order the kit and what price.

  3. I’d love to have an ARF of that as my building skills simply do not exist! 🙂

  4. I would like to order this plane. Pls email me at boneo@singnet.com.sg

  5. Wasn’t these Skyvans used as a commuter at one time? Seems to me we used to see them going between Akron/Canton and Pittsburgh.

  6. Es uno de los aviones mas bellos que he visto,algun dia construire un avion de estos.

  7. FYI: The red SkyVan is mine. It is powered by two BP 2915-5D motors. Battery is one three cell 5Ah powering both motors. Max motor current each is 25 Amps. on take off. Cruse at about half stick. Weight is 5 Lbs. Props are three blade 8×6 Master Airscrew. Radio equipment is HitecRCD except for servos. Wing struts are not functional but I am changing that to fully functional. I have not to date fully tested the plane but it seems to fly very well and looks really cool in the air. Rich and I have the only one’s like it at the field
    My motor nacelles are ten percent larger than Rich’s and could be five percent larger still.
    I use a separate steering servo as it was easier to install not using the rudder servo.
    regards and happy flying

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