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The Hangar 9 Spitfire Mk IXc is a high quality ARF.  Initial impressions out of the box is this is a top notch ARF.  It is complete with matt finish and panel lines, includes fibreglass cowl with rivets molded in.  The kit is well packaged to ensure it arrives safe.  My plan is to add a little weathering, a scale cockpit and maybe a couple of beer kegs under the wings.  The plane will be powered by a NGH 35.


Video review of the unboxing.




Updated: October 22, 2014 — 9:30 PM


  1. Hi Carl, Looks Good how did she fly .How did the NGH35cc go was ti enough power, also i am looking for a set of fish tale pipes to set it of , cheers Allan,

    1. The Spitfire is ready for a test flight as of yesterday. I made several mods that slowed progress, including weathering, full cockpit, detailed pilot, sliding canopy, scale-ish tail-wheel, led cannons, gun sounds, gear door changes….
      My hope is to test the engine this week and fly it next weekend. I’ll put an update here.

    2. Hi Allan,

      Ran the NGH 35cc this evening. Turns a 18×10 prop at 6900 and reliable idle at 2300. It was a little difficult to start as the walbro carb didn’t suck fuel. Opened the carb, the flapper valves on gasket were stuck to carb body, quick clean and reassembled, couple flips and it started. Lots of thrust, should haul this one around with ease.

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