Unconventional Giant Flier

Unconventional Giant Flier

You don’t see scale RC models of this WW II aircraft every day! Ken Sheppard designed and built this  giant-scale WW II Blohm & Voss BV 141 over a two year period. The model is fitted with Spektrum radio equipment and eight servos. He notes, “The asymmetric design [was intended] to give clearer views for the three-man crew as it was primarily a reconnaissance machine – although became a light bomber. The model fitted with a two-bomb release system [and] breaks down into seven pieces to fit [in my car] — an important design requirement!” Our thanks to the Coxon team for taking and sharing this great video!


Updated: October 15, 2015 — 9:41 AM


  1. Your content does not render on android devices adequately. The menus are broken apart and elements overlap resulting in a page that is not interactive.

  2. Nice plane , I wish I could build something like that… I would also wish that more women would get involved in the hobby. But that is only my opinion.

    1. I share that opinion. The few I do know that are involved, bring a lot to the hobby. I have taught several women to fly and they make better students than guys ever did. I think women are willing to admit they need to learn as opposed to guys that tend to think only need a few basics, and can take over sooner than they are ready. I could be wrong.

  3. A very nice model of the aircraft.

    They (full scale during WWII) flew but turned out to be impractical.

  4. nice…..from a 65 yr scale builder…rj weston ohio

    1. How’s your P-38 coming along?

  5. Great looking plane and video but I did not see any basic info like wingspan, weight, retract brand, or what engine was used: a twin gas of some sort.

    1. Sorry … my sleuthing usually turns up some information, but I could only find specs and info on a smaller foam BV 141 by the same designer. It was too interesting not to post — even without that needed info. Maybe we’ll be lucky and the builder will comment here! 🙂

  6. Nice!… this is my rendition of Blohm und Voss asymmetrical wonder…! (well, this might be his little RC brother) Sorry for Spanish captions on video

  7. Scratch build Blohm und Voss 141- B https://youtu.be/zfCA03UuJ3Y

  8. Debra, You have certainly found an “odd bird” in this plane! The lack of much of a right horizontal stab only adds to the picture. The FW-189 (which was actually used by the Luftwaffe) in combat would make an interesting model too. The builders should be commended for getting the aerodynamics right….

  9. Can I get a plan for this plane smaller fromMAN

  10. When I got retired, I had already purchased the MAN plans for this plane. Then a family decision led to us moving South. Still unpacking, next step is the repair of transportation damage, and possibly the freeing up of gunked up engines..

  11. It’s pretty obvious why this “hair-brained” (or more correctly herr brained) plane design went no where in reality, since the model on take-off illustrates the flaw of a left-lopsided engine mount wants the plane to instantly throw the left wing into the ground. Even on the ground upon landing it wanted to tip over to the left a few times. Either that, or it was a lousy balancing job on the build, or the RC pilot is just not very good on take-offs. Personally, I don’t find this plane very fascinating, more of a one-off gimmick. I’d find the German WWII flying wing in an RC model far more interesting.

    1. Wow… do you find a flaw in everything? I think the take off was good but not perfect and the landing excellent. The model is very interesting and I can only appreciate the time as effort it took to create. To criticize the pilots skill and the skill of the builder is truly a low blow and the sign of a very small person.

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