1. Wow, what a cool looking bird! Bravo to the designer!

  2. You mean “electric” turbo prop.

  3. Sounds like an electric motor when he starts it to taxi. Can we find out if it is an actual turboprop?

  4. If it is really a turbo-prop, an explanation of the turbine to propeller coupling would be interesting material.

    1. It looks like a free turbine turboprop, like the full size P&WC PT6. If that’s the case, there is no mechanical connection between the gas generator turbine that drives the compressor, rather it uses the energy remaining after the combustion gasses are used to drive the compressor to drive the free turbine, which then inputs into a reduction gearbox to get the lower RPM to drive the propeller.

  5. What did he use for smoke?

  6. Great Acomplishment what A Talented Guy!!!

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