Ruby: Uthere’s New RC Robotic Device

Ruby: Uthere’s New RC Robotic Device

Small robotic device provides remote control pilots with easy to use “cruise control”,“training

wheels”, “panic button”, and autonomous landing for $345.

Malden, Massachusetts uThere, LLC (pronounced “you there”) introduces Ruby

TM, a device which

makes remote controlled flight more accessible to beginners and which improves performance and

reduces stress and fatigue for expert pilots. It is in a small, affordable, and easy to use package that can be installed into almost any

model airplane.

Using advanced robotics, an array of miniature sensors, and its “TruIMUTM ” inertial measurement unit,

RubyTM makes it possible for even an untrained child to take control of a flying plane without a buddy

box and steer it with video game intuitiveness. In training mode, RubyTM ensures that regardless of

control input, the plane is kept well above the ground at reasonable range, airspeed and attitude.

Flipping a “panic” switch or loss of signal from handheld transmitter causes Ruby to utilize GPS to

gracefully circle the plane overhead and to accurately land it if necessary, even in strong wind.

RubyTM also has much to offer experienced sport and “FPV” (first person video) pilots. It can provide

rescue from common flight time predicaments such as lost control or visual contact. The “panic”

function can be instantly invoked at any time to rescue the plane from almost any attitude or airspeed,

actively managing wing load to minimize chance of structural failure as it pulls out of dives.

In less dramatic situations, the RubyTM’ “aided” mode enables pilots of all skill levels to launch, fly and

land with less fatigue and better performance in turbulence or marginal visual conditions by

maintaining any desired location, altitude, airspeed, heading, or bank angle. Ruby can be disengaged at

any time for transparent conventional manual control.

The main controller for RubyTM measures just 3” x 1” x 3/8”. The complete installation with GPS and

airspeed sensor weighs just 24 grams and can fit easily inside a small “park flier” such as the Multiplex

Merlin (400 grams all up weight). It can fit in the Multiplex Funjet with plenty of room to spare for a

video transmitter or other components.

At Ruby’s heart is TruIMUTM, an attitude sensor that does not rely on infrared sensors or an optical

horizon to determine plane orientation. It provides a solid artificial horizon in fog, canyons, at low

altitudes below treetop level, and near ridges or bodies of water. Except for a small airspeed sensor

tube , RubyTM can be mounted entirely inside an airframe, with nothing extending into airstream,

making it suitable for high performance competitive gliders and sport as well as scale planes.

Ruby can be configured and tuned by the user to utilize all available control surfaces to precisely

maneuver almost any electric, gas, or unpowered airplane. uThere also offers settings files which have

been expertly tuned for a small but growing number of commonly available models, providing optimal

flight right out of the box. uThere also offers complete ready-to-fly packages including aircraft and all

necessary components installed.

The complete Ruby system may be purchased directly from website. ruby, Uthere RC Robotic Device, man, model airplane news, model airplanes, uthere, uthere ruby controller, photo 2, quarter, ruler

ruby, Uthere RC Robotic Device, man, model airplane news, model airplanes, uthere, photo 3, wires, inside



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