UVify Draco RTF

UVify Draco RTF

From UVify:
Draco is the no hassle answer to bring FPV to everyone. Draco’s rugged materials and design make it an incredibly forgiving craft for rookies, while its advanced power train keeps it agile and competitive for the experienced user. Draco is ready for inevitable pilot error by having a full array of easy-to-replace parts, including the quick-replace modular arm design.

Modular Arms and Future Proofing

Draco’s systems are designed to be ready for the future. Individually replaceable components, 6s capable, and Draco’s modular arms are just the beginning. Moving forward, Draco will be able to support any number of alternative propulsion systems as a replacement for the classic multi-rotor arms.

Did You Know?

UVify has been brainstorming and researching several alternatives for Draco’s propulsion system. Imagine a single vehicle core capable of supporting any unmanned setup for any situation. Draco is that vehicle and will continue to be the ultimate solution by allowing for upgraded components well into the future.

The Time to Own Draco is Now

Draco has already made an impact as a racing and acrobatic spectacle, but it’s just getting started. Draco will continue to impress as a versatile and rugged machine. Capable of delivering an amazing experience for anyone as a one-stop answer to all FPV needs, there has never been a better time to start your adventure with Draco.

Draco – $599

Draco HD – $799

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UVify Draco RTF UVify Draco RTF UVify Draco RTF UVify Draco RTF UVify Draco RTF

Updated: May 23, 2018 — 4:28 PM
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