UVify Warp9

UVify Warp9

From UVify:
The UVify WARP9 is the ultimate craft for racing, acrobatics, and unrivaled HD video capture. Through hundreds of design iterations, WARP9 has been molded from an idea into the epitome of control and precision. Every detail of this machine is deliberate, and has been carefully crafted for the sole purpose of aerial supremacy.

Minimalist Approach to Design Mastery.

With the core of WARP9 at a forty degree offset to the prop plane, not only are the center of thrust and gravity matched for perfect control, but the camera set and components housing are lined up for ideal vision and minimal forward facing cross section allowing for more efficient forward flight.

Within WARP9 every wire has it’s place and each component has a simple method to access for building and maintenance. Each strand of carbon remains for structure or function alone, the rest was removed due to redundancy, extra weight, or for aerodynamic design.

Destroy Your Competition, Not Your Components.

Before it launches WARP9 already has the stance of a racer. It has built in landing pads which offer a 15 degree launching angle to leave any challengers behind you from the start to see nothing but your full array of LEDs.

The main electronics housing in UVify WARP9 is protected by carbon on all sides. The removable top plate, the side frame and mounting plate ensure that no collision or debris will affect the delicate components. When your enemies crash out, you carry on.

Protected by custom mounting and casing on WARP9, both the VTx and the Rx antennas are in the ideal locations to remain undamaged while offering clear signals and reception. Flying further with greater confidence means you can focus on putting your foes behind you.

The well placed custom FPV camera bracket of WARP9 keeps the view clear and allows for an adjustable angle. The Session style HD camera holder protects your valuable filming equipment while maintaining an image fully clear of any frame parts, or prop glare, so you can show your opponents exactly what their inferior craft looks like as you pass them in full HD.

Batteries mount snugly within the frame of UVify WARP9 using a single strap, ensuring that it is protected from impact from all sides. The hard mounted xt60 adapter on WARP9 circumvents the need for hassling with floppy battery leads. Ghost branches, the ground and your rival’s props won’t have it easy taking out your power supply.

Capture Everything in Cinematic Perfection.

With the soul of a racer, WARP9 has the ability to be fully customized for any scenario or environment. Set up the equipment for long range with smooth controls for beautiful mountain dives and low pass river runs. Convert it to a light weight close range machine with super responsive inputs for action shots and proximity filming.

No matter the scenario, WARP9 will capture every stick input directly from mind to machine, to give the most direct control possible over cinematic aerial action footage.

WARP9 has been through extensive testing, and will be shipping soon. Pre-orders are being accepted now for two options; the frame alone or a full build kit. Don’t miss your chance to be first in line to receive the UVify WARP9!

Warp9 Build’N’Fly Kit – $419.99
Warp9 Frame Kit – $139.99
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UVify Warp9 UVify Warp9 UVify Warp9 UVify Warp9 UVify Warp9

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