V-22 Osprey Build Update #4


After a break to concentrate on other projects, the Osprey has moved back to the front of the project queue.  This evening’s project was to install the spindle axles that allow the nacelles to pivot from vertical to horizontal orientation and to assemble the special servos that provide power for the transition.

First up is installing the spindles.  These are pre-drilled and tapped, so installation is simple.  Be sure to use blue Loctite.  The pot drive gear is part of the control feedback loop.



The pot holder assemblies provide the required external feedback loop to the conversion servos.  This is necessary because the conversion servos spin like a sail winch to move the nacelles through their full range of motion.  Be careful not to damage the fragile pots, and make certain the gears turn smoothly once installed.



The rack gears convert the rotation of the conversion servos to linear output to transition the nacelles from vertical (hover) to horizontal (cruise) configuration.  Here the reinforcement plates are being installed.  The screw heads must be fully recessed below the surface, or they’ll catch on the rollers on the backup arms (see next step).



The backup arms are mounted on the conversion servos so that they can lock securely onto the rack gears.  It’s crucial that both nacelles pivot in sync.

This concludes the first chapter of the assembly manual.  On to chapter B!



Updated: May 1, 2012 — 7:22 PM
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