Very (very!) big Vulcan

Very (very!) big Vulcan

Check out this gorgeous, 20-foot-span Avro Vulcan XH558! Built by Dave Johnson, the 1/7-scale model is powered by four (!) 160 turbines. The plane has sheeted wings with black Depron ribs, about which Dave notes, “The ribs essentially just keep the skins apart, and so [they] needed very little in the way of strength laterally. They keep the surfaces supported without adding much weight.” The rest of the Vulcan uses traditional built-up construction, and it’s decked out in automotive paint. Dave’s Vulcan is capable of speeds approaching 150mph! Thanks to our friend across the pond, Tbobborap1, for posting this and sharing the link!

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 10:37 AM


  1. I always say: Depron is the new balsa! For those who doubt just read:

  2. Absolutely fabulous to watch. A credit to the builder and pilot. There should be more of this.

  3. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!

  4. wow where can I see this truly amazing kit,I served on the Vulcan and have a love of the magnificent bomber.83 squadron scampton please reply b.harrison.

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