Vibe 50 NEX Electronics

Vibe 50 NEX Electronics

No matter what the helicopter, it needs a great control system to perform at its best. To handle the job for the Vibe 50 NEX I’m going to use the following:

Cyclic servo – JR 8917HV (High Voltage) Digital Heli Servo rated at 0.06 sec with 220 oz-in of torque at 7.4v (2S Li-Po) with steel gears to withstand the stress of 3D flying, and weighing in at only 2.5 oz.

Tail Rotor Servo – JR MP80G Brushless Ultra Speed Tail Rotor Servo rated at a blistering 0.05 sec speed at only 4.8 v.

Gyro – JR G370 3D mems sensor gyro with remote gain adjustment between rate and tail lock modes, an aluminum case for increased durability and noise suppression, with auto trim for smooth transition from normal to tail lock mode and providing constant pirouette rates.

Receiver – Spektrum AR7100R with integrated RevLimit. With 2080 resolution and heavy duty input leads, it also has regulated 5.2 volts to the gyro and throttle, and 7.4 volts to the cyclic servos for max maneuvering.

Battery – all this requires a heavy duty battery, and the Spektrum 7.4 volt, 2,000 mah 2S Li-Po pack will do the job. Heave duty leads will provide the surge power needed for max maneuvering.

Updated: July 15, 2015 — 4:24 PM
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