Video: dead-stick flight!

Video: dead-stick flight!

Murillo Ghigonetto knows his scratch-built Telemaster can fly like a dream in any conditions. After he installed a selfie stick in its left wing, he flew it to altitude and shut the engine off to not only show how well the Telemaster could fly deadstick but also to showcase the beautiful Brazilian countryside around his flying field. Great video and flying, Murillo — thanks for sharing!

Updated: August 25, 2015 — 4:59 PM


  1. So why do none of the controls move? Ruder, elevator ailerons? Is it just me or whats the deal ?

  2. none of the controls are moving….what a fake

  3. I’m a professional airline pilot who says this is too high to be flying a radio controlled airplane with a big 4 stroke hunk of metal and no brains behind the stick. It is no different than all the drones we have to contend with. If he wants beautiful scenery perhaps he should consider renting a helicopter with a professional behind the collective and cyclic and a head on a swivel.

    1. DUH –Wide angle lens –not that high — use yer noodle –Captain

    2. Shut up stupid.

  4. That airfield is 200m above that all terrain you see on the video, Mike. Thats why you think is too high. But is not. And there are 1000 feet restritions for real airplanes in that area because there are a huge mountain just 1km away from the field (you can also see on the video).
    Jay, if you think is fake, contact the pilot you will see is not! he can prove showing the non edited videos, the pics and how they did it.

  5. Mike, YOU that have no brain!!!! Do you know the local? Do you know that there are no airports near there? Its countryside of Brazil. A real airplane in that altitude have already an emergency! Don’t need to hit a rc plane. So shut up!

  6. Video of when I made a dead stick landing

  7. Hello buddies. Thanks for the comments. Jay and User, I agree with you you can’t see the control moves. But it’s not a fake. You guys made me laugh a lot when people said to me “Hey, there are some guys who thinks it’s fake because of this and that…Lol!!!!! Anyway, call me in Facebook and I’ll show you how I did that, and even the other videos I did that day.
    Mike, I know your concerned and I really understand that. I’ve been flying rc planes for all my life, (my granpa fault). But as Otavio said (I don’t know him!), this airfield is in the cume of a so high mountain. All you see during the video is something like 200 or 300m lower than the field really is. You should consider I used a wide angle lens in my camera, it make things seems to be far away as it really is. But, the legal and most important point: there are this restriction (1000 feet or 1500 feet, not sure the right number) as he said for real airplanes. The Morro do Saboó (the mountain) it’s so much near from our airfield – about 0.6 miles). There are no traffic there lower than the restriction because of that mountain. An airplane flying in that altitude there could hit the mountain, and not the rc planes that fly theres lol. And there are something better than that: there are no traffic there all around!! So, don’t worry my friend because I’m not a “no brain” person as you said. And you should agree with me: say something like that without talk to me first or even know the local laws and the area in region, is much more closer to a “no brain” atittude than make that flight safely and with knowledge. Don’t you think? A 12 months traffic over my airfield should be the same as a 2 min traffic over any regional airport in Alaska during the worst winter ever, maybe. Everything there is about 1 hour away (by road, keeping 60 mph!) from the big cities and airports. It’s São Roque city, not New York, Paris, Frankfurt. There are no traffic like you think. Unless you were talking about birds, bees!! lol So, I really understand you, But I’m not stupid. Never would put in risk anyone in my life, my friend. Here in my country I really value for the security. Anyway, thanks for your comments. It was important your point because there are people that don’t think like us and fly near airports or even in the downtown of big cities. I really liked your point!
    Best regards for you guys!
    Murillo Ghigonetto

  8. Mike, are you serious?????!!!!! It’s a Telemaster .25. Look!!!! It’s a 50” plane. If that guy was flying at 600 feet or more he couldn’t even see the airplane! If you froze the image on the begining you will see he is not as high as you said. Look at the field.. Stop the video at 13′!!!! If you are a real airplane pilot maybe you must considering take a vacation and relax a bit. You do think that airplanes are flying higher it really are… And, in my opinion, this is REALLY dangerous dude!!!!

  9. I also, like other ones, observed no control surfaces actions…Anyhow I liked the camera image. Which one is that camera. Thank you

  10. SoJay…..apparently you aren’t very observant…..true that there was very little movement of control surfaces but that’s normal with a large, properly balanced model (especially with the Telemaster). But if you pay attention as the model is landing you will observe rudder input.

  11. I saw slight movement with the rudder, especially when there was shadow coming off the main surface of the rudder. It looked like he was using primarily his rudder so he could keep his camera on the plane and show off the scenery he was talking about. He would not have been able to make any turns at all if the rudder was not working. Matter of fact, he would have made a crash landing without any way of being able to control his flight surfaces. Been there, done that.

    1. You CAN turn without rudder. In fact, elevator and ailerons are all that’s needed to make an uncoordinated turn. Many fliers with a 4 channel control plane never learn to properly use rudder in the air, only using it on the ground. Using rudder only is also more of a skidding turn than a proper turn.

  12. And sorry, everyone, I was posting off my WordPress account for my company. No ad. I was trying to respond to the comments of people saying he was not using any of his flight surfaces. It looked to me like a beautiful exhibition of rudder flying. At any rate, the flight surfaces were quite thin in that model, obviously a trainer. And it was set up so there was not a whole lot of throw, suitable for a beginner. In this case, it was done that way so he could keep the plane as level as possible while doing his selfie so he could show the countryside. I did see the rudder move on several occasions during this video. It was easier to see when the plane had a bit of a shadow on the rudder, but I did see it move on occasion when the sun was shining on the entire plane. It’s much harder to see when the sun is on it, but it’s there. This guy is definitely not a beginner, even though his plane was set up that way.

    In the US, we have a 400 foot flight restriction. Obviously, flying in and around mountains with the runway on the mountain causes 400 feet to be different than on flat land.

  13. How much deflection is required to fly a trainer!! Not much in fact the Telemaster is a wonderful dead stick landing plane. The range on the radio if far more than the RC Pilot can observe the trainer in fact! So all the naysayers please don’t comment on a really nice piece of flying, great landing and great video images. Unless you can and have done better!!! Probably don’t know too much about the dead stick characteristics of a trainer 🙁 Shame poor expert commercial pilot. Accept it for what it is a great piece of flying and that is that.

    Well done to the rc pilot, Well done

  14. Any videos from having the camera on the top of the fuselage? I think that would look super, very nice scenery.
    I saw control surface movement, wasn’t much, but very little deflection is needed.

  15. I think we do not see much movement due to the location of the camera.
    The idea was really nice Murillo. I liked it very much. Very criative.

  16. Fake ! He Put the plane on the stick with scenery going by on a TV screen from a previous flight . No control inputs at all !

  17. Hello Everyone – Here are the video #2 of this flight but now with no edition. So, is this a fake or not? Check it out! = )

  18. how come i see movement, very little but movement just the same.

  19. Murillo-don’t waste your time explaining to these idiot naysayers– Just have fun and make more videos!!! That was awsome, Thanks. And by the way, I am a 18,000 hour airline captain, general aviatior and RC pilot.

  20. Great job flying and taking the video! BTW, the elevator did move slightly when it landed. Very nice!!

  21. It looked to me like he had a wide angle lense on the camera which makes things appear to be farther away than they really are. So the plane was not as high as it appeared to be.

  22. Great job! I liked it!
    Of course the controls move, it’s clearly noticeable. People expect to see lots of movement, but forget the controls are sensitive and more responsive in flight at high speed.
    …and to reach a high altitude to the extent of putting an small real aeroplane or an airliner in danger I think would be rare, as we could barely see the model from the ground at this height.
    I also fly in the countryside of Sao Paulo, but of course not close to any aerodrome.

  23. I could see some control surface movement on final approach, aileron (the right was just visible due to the curvature of the wing surface, the left was totally obscured by the wings curve) the rudder and elevator can easily be seen but the movements are minimal. Good job Murillo G.!

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