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Video: FlightPower LiPo Packs

Video: FlightPower LiPo Packs

The FlightPower name and the company’s focus on premium LiPo packs are the same, but almost everything else the company and its products has changed — and changed for the better. There are five new series of packs — FPRX for receivers and FP25, FP30, FP50 and FP70 named for the discharge rates they offer. They’re color-coded for easy identification —and together, they offer modelers over 100 new ways to enjoy the best in LiPo power. Like all FlightPower packs, they’re built to last and to deliver like-new performance even after over more than 300 cycles. That makes FlightPower packs a great value — and with their new lower prices, they’re great buys, as well. And what you get for the money is impressive. Cell tabs and balancing leads now feature ultrasonic welds for stronger, longer-lasting connections. FlightPower has upgraded it connectors, as well: most packs now feature the popular XH connector for balancing and the innovative Star Plug for power delivery. It’s a high-efficiency plug with a clever design that makes heat shrink tubing obsolete. Just snap it into place over the solder joint…and you’re done. And here’s more good news: the FlightPower limited warranty has been extended to a full two years. With FlightPower, you can expect competitively priced premium LiPo power packs that last — and you can see the full line of new FP packs on their new website, http://www.flightpowerbatteries.com

Updated: July 27, 2015 — 4:51 PM

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