Video: Flyzone Sensei FS Bomb Drop

Video: Flyzone Sensei FS Bomb Drop

This exciting payload drop footage shows how much fun it is to fly the Sensei FS long after you’ve learned the basics of R/C flight! Carry whatever cargo your imagination inspires. Here, our ace video crew donated their breakfast — eggs, potatoes, and rolls — plus a few other handy items. Then, operating the model’s drop door using a fifth radio channel, we enjoyed a little in-flight target practice.

The Sensei FS electric trainer’s innovative WISE 3-axis stabilization system is like having a flight instructor standing right next to you, ready to take over if you lose control. A powerful brushless motor delivers the performance needed to fly aerobatics as your skills grow.

The RTF package comes with everything you need, including a quality Tactic TTX610 6-channel radio system. If you already have a favorite radio, the Rx-R (Receiver-Ready) version is the ideal choice. Today, learn to fly…tomorrow, look out below!

FLZA3030 — RTF Version
FLZA3034 — Rx-R Version
Wingspan: 58 in (1475 mm)
Length: 48 in (1220 mm)
Weight: 3.2 lb (1450 g)

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Updated: August 4, 2015 — 10:32 PM
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