1. Neither and both. Power is Watts which is Volts X Amps. You can increase (power) by raising either one. Either with load -Amps- (bigger prop) or with voltage (load the same with smaller prop).

    Going higher Voltage with a lower Kv motor gives more efficiency and lower Amps.

    Just adding cells to a system will drastically increase Amps as well.

  2. Volts and amps are BOTH important. If you put a battery with higher voltage into your model, this will cause the prop to spin faster. The faster RPM of the motor will load the motor down more, causing it to draw more current. This will result in more POWER. In order not to draw more power than the motor is rated for, you may have to change to a prop with a smaller diameter or less pitch. And the increased power will cause the ESC to have to deliver more amps. You have to be sure that the larger amount of current will not overload the ESC and cause it to fail, or shut down in flight unexpectedly. The best solution is to look up the specs for you motor and ESC and purchase a power meter, which will help you to insure that your power system is operating within safe limits for the motor and ESC.

  3. Ditto to Bob’s comment. ESCs have a current (Amp) limit which should also not be exceeded.

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