RC Airplane Fuel Tank Maintenance – Video Workshop tip

RC Airplane Fuel Tank Maintenance – Video Workshop tip

When you fly glow powered airplanes it is important to properly care for the fuel tank. The key to having reliable engine performance is having a ship shape fuel tank. This How To video shows how to swap out old hardware and install new. Of course using Du-Bro hardware and tools makes the job a whole lot easier.

Remember, tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Use the recommended tank size as called for in your model’s instruction manual

Workshop tip -- Fuel Tank Maintenance radio control RC hardware Model Airplane

Illustration by FX MODELS

Updated: May 7, 2018 — 5:02 PM


  1. Gerry ,you made the plug insertion look quick and easy . I have used lubricant and heated the plug and still destroyed the neck of several tanks and was totally disgusted with the Du-bro tank . Needless to say I had to purchase other tanks and it wasn’t a Du-bro at a higher cost .
    Do you have any advice for future endeavors that might involve a Du-bro tank .


    Tom Soden

  2. I can not believe that a video was required for such a simple operation. I think a 6 year old could have completed that task without supervision. Tom I do not know what you are doing to the tanks but I have install gas and glow plugs without problem. I do wish Hayes would manufacture a gas conversion plug for there tank.

    1. Robert , I too have put many a tank together without a problem but I had several that were just a pain . The last one was a16 oz. and no matter how I tried , heating or lubrication of neck , it just tore apart the rubber plug and the neck collapsed in on itself . Maybe just a bad tank or what , I don’t know but I ended up tossing it the trash .
      Thanks for responding ,I thought maybe old age was just setting in .

  3. Old school stopper tanks should no longer be manufactured in this day and age! They all eventually leak and/or split. Even worse is to have the stopper itself pop out! There are many other reliable options for tanks today including Fiji water bottles with machined aluminum hardware kits. Also available are plug-n-play type tanks ready to go out of the box. The stopper tank design has always been a bad idea…

  4. If you insert the tubing 9lightly sanded to remove burrs) through the back plate then the stopper it is much easier, Oh and dremel a groove in the bent end of the breather tube.

  5. Over the years we have had our share of hardened rubber and cracked fuel thanks and corroded soft brass tubing leading to leaks and faulty fuel supply ,the key is to maintain ,inspect and change them on a regular basis and/or redesign/new materials with production date an labels and material certification and net weight of the components and source of origin, for glow engines passionates

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