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Scale Markings & Vintage Propeller Decals from Cal-Grafx

Scale Markings & Vintage Propeller Decals from Cal-Grafx

I have built a lot of scale airplanes, and the one thing that will set any airplane apart from the rest is historically accurate, nicely applied aircraft markings and decals. We have published several Aircraft Make-over articles recently and several readers asked for a good source of decals for their make-over projects. Cal-Grafx Hobby Art, does more than just sell scale decals. This company can reproduce just about any marking for the dedicated modelers. The company can produce the custom markings as high quality water-slide decals as well as very thin Peel-n-stick vinyl markings. From old decals for discontinued model kits, to historically accurate aviation markings from books and other documentation sources, Cal-Grafx can give you want you need.

(Above) Custom-made Hamilton-Standard propeller decals for an upcoming 1/3-scale Howard Ike Racer.


Samples of stock decals from www.cal-grafx.com




Updated: July 23, 2015 — 9:07 AM
Venom Fly 600x120
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  1. Thank you , I happy to fine this website ,

  2. need decals for 1/3 super cub and 1/3 taylor craft

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