Vintage RC goes giant-scale

Vintage RC goes giant-scale

Originally a 35-inch-span, free-flight model, the Worcraft Products’ Scarab was designed in the late ’40s and had elliptical planform flying surfaces, a centerline-mounted mono wheel for ground takeoffs, and two sub rudders along with a conventional top-mounted vertical stabilizer. This enlarged, 82-inch-span version pays tribute to the original design and is powered by an O.S. .70 four-stroke. It’s a beauty! Our thanks to Pete and Dean Coxon, “Tbobborap1” on YouTube, for taking this video at a Greenacres Model Aircraft Club meet in Walsal, Birmingham, UK.




  1. Where are plans for this available?

  2. Beautiful model. Thanks for sharing that with us. So sad , The vast majority of model Flyers are the Buy and fly type. They will never know the thrill of building their own model and then see it fly

  3. Simply beautiful!!!!

  4. Thank you for the photo and coments. It´s the same here, they buy a RTF or even ARF. On my club they made mark on fulage every fly they made before brake and scrap it. So sad.

  5. What video, nothing but a picture.

  6. I just looked for the cid link, here it is;

    1. Many thanks for posting the link!

  7. Many thanks for posting the link!

  8. An interesting concept airplane that I never encountered when I was building free flight class B airplanes. My favorite is still the Comet Zipper!

  9. Looks like a handful to fly!

  10. thanks for sharing our video debra, it was nice to see this rare bird flying and the pilot was especially brave as it was gusting over 15mph at times,
    would love to see it fly on a dead calm day – pete (tbobborap1)

  11. Strange shape, yet very alluring.

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