Volocopter: Your New Ride?

Volocopter: Your New Ride?

Check out this person-carrying, nine-motor, electric-powered, multirotor! The write-up from Volocopter sounds intriguing: “Your journey in the Volocopter 2X begins before takeoff. Two very tall persons will find it convenient to embark and disembark and to sit in comfort in the luxurious leather seats during their flight. A high quality cockpit and a pleasantly quiet and vibration proof cabin round up the overall exclusive impression of the Volocopter.”  Designed to avoid traffic and congestion, the Volocopter also comes with a full aircraft emergency parachute — just in case. Would you take a ride?

Updated: May 7, 2018 — 5:24 PM


  1. Huh? Very well done video , great music. Yet a man-carrying drone with no man? I guess it was a test flight. Figure 2 people, 180 lbs apiece, that’s 360 lbs of added weight. See what it does……….

    1. You couldn’t pay me enough to fly in that thing! Thank goodness aviation pioneers are braver souls than I.

    2. i would trust this before i would trust a normal helicopter. it has 18 motors – a helicopter has one motor. the number of moving parts is probably a factor of 1 to 100 vs a helicopter. i would fly in this in a heartbeat after it’s tested and marketed.

  2. Not sure if anyone noticed but that thing had more than nine motors on it. And I would love to take a ride in it, as long as it had a ballistic recovery parachute and/or it could perform some sort of auto rotation, maybe?

  3. O take a shot at least to start to hover….and gradually increase bravery to a forward flight!!!!..now all we need to do is purchase these on line and sit back and wait for my UPS man for delivery!!!!I would even consider selling all my rc airplanes and equipment for one of these!!!!!

  4. Hey….it’s a helicopter….never seen a helicopter before.

  5. I would be knocking people down to be first in line. Fully charged batteries right?

  6. 18 motors and no pi;ot or passenger. Hmmmmmm

  7. I thought I counted 17 rotating meat cleavers. Without prop guards, I wouldn’t go near it. Of course, mesh guards would reduce lifting capabilities bit, so more power would be needed, or just leave theguards off.

  8. Does anyone notice that quite a few of these tests and demos are done in Dubai. Remember the jet man? Seems kind of strange. Lax laws maybe?

  9. I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN A SMALL AIRPLANE, BUT, I AM A HELI , QUAD, DRONE ENTHUSIAST…I MIGHT LIKE TO GIVE THIS, 9looks like 18 blades, don’t know if it has one motor or how many..interesting!!

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